Justice without a court is still possible

Our Partner, Ms. Christia Middleton, recently published an article in the Fileleftheros newspaper. In her article, Ms. Middleton, acknowledges the importance of the digital transformation of the courts and of e-justice in general.  However, at the same time she proposes that, during the disruption caused by the Covid 19 pandemic and also in more normal

Pandemic: the day after

Our associate Ioannis Sidiropoulos recently published an article in Kathimerini newspaper. In the article, he mentions that the pandemic of Covid-19 has caused serious disruption to the activities of the modern world, canceling out many of its characteristics in the short term, and moreover, reinforcing counterbalancing attitudes towards the model of an open liberal economy.

E-justice, which should be the next step?

Our Partner, Mr. Antonis Glykis, recently published an article in the Fileleftheros newspaper. Mr. Glykis, continuing from a previous article on issues of e-justice published in the same newspaper, draws our attention to the fact that the long delays in the administration of justice, its current general mode of operation and, the mentality of the


I recently completed the sale of my house in Cyprus with Elias Neocleous & Co LLC and I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your Property lawyer who handled the matter. Her professional, calm and measured approach was amazing and really reassured us when things were not that straight forward. As a solicitor of some 40 + years in the private sector I must say that I rarely came across a young lawyer with such a combination of professional and personal qualities. This lawyer is a real asset to your firm!
Property Client
We have been using Neocleous for more than 10 years. We are very satisfied with their performance. They can support all the areas we may need help in. They have lawyers for all the practice areas. They are well educated and very fast on the job.
IFLR 1000 Client Feedback 2019
They're transparent and amenable with a clear knowledge of the local market and how to navigate it.
IFLR 1000 Client Feedback 2019
Deal makers, professionals and service oriented.
IFLR 1000 Client Feedback 2019
Great work with all stakeholders including the government relations both in Cyprus and EU
IFLR 1000 Client Feedback 2019

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