The profound and unanticipated crisis caused by the Covid-19 virus is a tragedy affecting all of humanity.  It also has a growing impact on the global economy. Businesses face challenges of survival, sustainability and volatility. This section of our website is intended to provide our clients, and all business leaders, with information on important developments as they occur, and also, on the associated implications for their businesses.  We trust you will find it useful.

We also, however, recognize that you may require more detailed information which is tailored to the specific needs of you and your business. To address this need we have established a ‘Task Force’ team to provide you with comprehensive and timely assistance.  The Task Force consists of cross-departmental professionals from our corporate, commercial, employment, public law, EU law, IT, GDPR and litigation teams.

Please be assured that in these unchartered, difficult times we are working for and alongside you.  Our intention remains, as it always has been, to deliver you a high quality, responsive and innovative service.  Working together we shall overcome this challenging period.  Now is a time for us all to focus on helping one another and our wider communities.

If you have any queries or concerns do please contact me, Elias Neocleous, or your usual contact at Elias Neocleous & Co LLC.  Alternatively, you may, if you wish email us at  [email protected].


Title Date
Tax measures introduced due to COVID-19 May 1 2020
E-(xecuting) documents and closing transactions in the covid-19 era April 30 2020
Justice without a court is still possible April 28 2020
Pandemic: the day after April 27 2020
E-justice, which should be the next step? April 27 2020
COVID-19 Cybersecurity Threats – Vulnerabilities and best practices to be secure April 23 2020
Coronavirus – COVID 19, an invisible enemy attacking the performance of agreements April 22 2020
Shipping Deputy Ministry extends payment deadlines due to COVID-19 April 22 2020
COVID-19: How it affects annual general meetings April 21 2020
Civil Registry and Migration Department April 6 2020
Government actions to alleviate impacts on citizens and the economy April 6 2020
Covid-19. Additional steps to safeguard the Cyprus economy? April 3 2020
The Minister of Finance has issued an ‘Order on Extraordinary Measures by Financial Organizations and Supervisory Authorities’ April 3 2020
Employers and employees in the age of Covid 19: A looming battle April 2 2020
Cyprus Ship Registry: Updates on precautions for mariners in relation to Coronavirus “COVID-19” April 2 2020
Coronavirus “COVID-19”: Steps taken by the Cyprus Ship Registry and the Cyprus Companies Registry to assist businesses March 31, 2020
The EU and the coronavirus pandemic March 30, 2020
EU establishes Coronavirus response team March 26, 2020
A message from Elias Neocleous- Managing Partner of Elias Neocleous & Co LLC March 20, 2020
Rule of law as defined by Constitution must be upheld at all times March 19, 2020
COVID-19 – a force majeure event? March 17, 2020
Coronavirus – possible effects on contracts and precautions for mariners March 4, 2020

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