Our Corporate Culture

At Elias Neocleous LLC we have a vision, and when we achieve it, we create a new one, to take us to the next level. We are characterised as visionary and this is part of our innate corporate culture. Our working environment is based on strong leadership, expertise in all disciplines, employee loyalty, transparency, partnership, equality and excellence. We support change and strive constantly to improve and excel. We aim to provide a valuable working experience and a lifelong learning opportunity to every individual who holds a position in our firm.

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Deal makers, professionals and service oriented.
IFLR 1000 Client Feedback 2019
To the point, very helpful and complement advice. Was always aiming to get it done in an efficient and timely manner. Delivered results despite some obstacles in between.
IFLR 1000 Client Feedback 2019
Great work with all stakeholders including the government relations both in Cyprus and EU
IFLR 1000 Client Feedback 2019

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